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As you may have guessed our site revolves around everything to do with training for strongman competitions. Our website is new but in the future we will have dedicated sections listing the best strongman workout routines, how to perform the various events/exercises (even if you don’t have access to all the various strongman equipment), a nutrition section offering advice on what to eat while doing strongman training (such as the GOMAD diet which is great for bulking up!), and we also plan to interview professional strongmen competitors to get an insight into their training routines and diets!

Strongman Training Events

I’m sure you have watched the ‘Worlds Strongest Man’ competition on television before, so you will already know of some of the various strongman events. When training for a strongman competition it is quite vital to get a list of the events which will be used so you can practice them before the competition. It is vital to vary your event workouts so that you are practising all the different events as often as possible. Below we take a look at a few of the most popular events found at strongman competitions.

Atlas Stones – The Atlas Stones are an extremely popular strongman event and sees the competitors lift five stones onto five platforms. The first stone is always the lightest, but the platform you have to place it onto is the highest, and this continues until the final stone which is always the heaviest but has the smallest platform. The winner is the strongman who places their stones on the platforms within the quickest time.

Log Press – The log press is just that. A very heavy log which you must press as many times as you can within a specified time limit. It is best to purchase a steel log if you are serious about competing in strongman competitions because while a lot of people think it is just a military press, there is much more technique involved.

Farmers Walk – The Farmers Walk is an easy event to practice at home or in the gym. Simply load your dumbells with weight, pick a target to walk to and then walk back, as fast as possible. The winner of the Farmers Walk event is the strongman who finishes the course in the quickest time. Often you will find it is large steel blocks you are required to carry in each hand, or sometimes even a ‘frame’ loaded with weights.

Circus Dumbell – As you may have guessed the circus dumbell event is just one giant dumbell. You are allowed to lift the dumbell up to your shoulders using two hands, but then must press it overhead using just one. The winner is the strongman who presses it overhead the most times within a time limit.

Of course, there are many more events/exercises and we will be providing you guides of each one in the near future!

Strongman Workout Routines

With so many different exercises and events to train for, creating a solid workout routine can often be a difficult task. We plan on creating various routines for our readers to try out very soon!

That is all for now but remember to bookmark us and check back soon because we plan on having lots of high-quality articles very soon!